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The Blessing is for An Appointed Time

Let’s go back to the beginning of my blogging journey.  I created a blog in 2016 centered around my clothing brand.  The blog and the clothing brand was an epic fail, so I shut down the website.  Fast forward to January of this year, I created a second blog, centered around my personal interests, which [...]

A Vegan Holiday X Erica O

Tips to Stay Vegan During the Holidays Most of us have been counting down the months, days, hours, even minutes to get to this point in the year. Maybe it’s the gifts that you are expecting to receive during the Christmas season or the quality time with family and friends that you’re anticipating the most. [...]

Great Meals and Spend Less X Leslie Simmons

Hello! My name is Leslie, and I have been blogging for almost 7 years! In 2012, we picked up our family of 6 and moved away from Nashville for the first time in our lives. I really struggled being a mom of four, with two kids who were under four. We were in a new [...]

The Search For Men’s Bloggers X Manny LeGrair

The Search For Men’s Bloggers   The world of blogging, though not formally restricted in any way, seems to be skewed towards women. I am not claiming any form of segregation, sexism, or notions of the like, simply making a personal observation about who is more likely to blog. I am sure that if you took [...]

Blogging Without Going Broke x Memphis MandySue

Hello, beautiful blogger babes! I’m Amanda, finance professional by day and freelance writer and fashion and lifestyle blogger by night and weekends. A little over a year ago, I found myself at a crossroads – here I was trying to build up my fashion and lifestyle blog but at the same time my husband and [...]

It Takes Two to Make A Thing Go Right x Fit Style

“It takes two to make a thing go right “just like Rob Base + D.J. E-Z Rock taught us. Nashville Fit + Style would not have happened if we didn’t come together. We had a ton of hesitations when we thought about starting a blog. Will we be relatable? Will we have enough content and pictures? And most importantly… how will [...]

Different Paths to Blogging x Hannah Kerr

Hi gorgeous! My name is Hannah Kerr. I am a Nashville Native now living in South Carolina! My blogging career kicked off two years ago in college, formerly known as Kerrageously Made. My blog was a creative and healthy outlet for me while recovering from an eating disorder. My passion grew as I found myself [...]

Starting A New Journey x Litton Avenue

Finding yourself in a new place is daunting. First, you cover the basics. New nail salon, new hair salon, new gym and new favorite dessert shop. Okay, maybe a dessert shop isn’t your first priority, but for me, it 100% is! Once you learn the highways and finally get situated, that’s when it hits you: you’re [...]

Living Single x Crowned Canesha

I’m forty-one and single! Four words I never thought I would be saying at this age, but here we are. I am the girl who has had her whole wedding planned since she was a kid…I understand marriage is more than a wedding, but it is what most women dream about, and I am no [...]

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