Spring: A Time for New Beginnings x DNichole

Spring: A Time for New Beginnings x DNichole

Flowers are starting to bud and the evidence of new life is everywhere; Spring is essentially here. Now sure, the next month or so could be unpredictable, like most of the season has proven to be. In fact, Nashville may encounter more rainy days (I pray not), frigid temps and maybe even a little snow. But regardless, in a little over a week, March 20th will read the same on everyone’s calendar: Spring. While spring brings many memories, in this article, I am excited to share how I welcome its newness into my life. 

Spring is the season of rebirth, renewal and starting over; it’s a time of starting fresh. Spring is a time of relinquishing layers, shedding the old and revealing the new. Growing up, I used to love escaping to the lake near my parents’ home because everywhere you turned, life was budding. The Dogwood trees were blooming, baby ducklings could be seen waddling behind their mother, and millions of tad poles were milling about every inch of the lake. And even though you didn’t see them, you knew that somewhere in a protective cocoon, caterpillars were awaiting their chance to morph into glorious butterflies. In fact, the southerner in me doesn’t officially, officially welcome spring in my heart of hearts, until I either see a Red Robin hopping about, a butterfly dancing from flower to flower, or my nose starts itching from all the pollen in air. I’m just saying, spring isn’t really here until my eyes start watering and I lose my voice from the constant sneezing and coughing. Yaay Spring. Regardless of my personal sinus issues, just like everyone else, I am happy to welcome the sun and this gorgeous season of awakening. I’m sure each of us has our own version of things we associate with the onset of spring.

I also view spring as the chance to turn over a new leaf and revaluate my goals and reassess overall where I am in my life. If you really think about it, a quarter of the year is already gone! I also use the time to develop new ways of challenging myself spiritually, mentally and physically. For example, unlike most of the general populace, as the weather starts to warm up, I slowly began venturing outside and heading back to the gym. I am among a select group of people who hate going to the gym after the start of a New Year. Around that time, the gym is crowded, every machine is taken and all group classes are generally full. You have to pretty much plan to arrive early or you are relegated to the nose bleed section of class. However, around mid-March, the onset of spring, the gym starts to thin out. This is around the time where I really focus on my physical goals and hit the gym hard. Don’t judge me!

Spring is the perfect time to clean. There is something notably different about spring cleaning versus regular cleaning. Spring cleaning is more involved, and overall I find it very therapeutic. In fact, I have an entire deep cleaning ritual for my home. I take down the curtains and wash them, I dry clean all of the comforters before putting them in storage, and I also use it as an opportunity to replace old sockets or worn out appliances, if needed. I purge my closet of clothes not worn the prior season, and get rid of extra unnecessary stuff. I find it extremely therapeutic opening windows that have been shut all winter and allowing the fresh air to whisk away the staleness throughout the rooms. It truly is ushering out the old, and welcoming the new.

Spring is a time of renewal and reconnecting. As a single woman in the city, not only does spring bring excitement, but it also brings the opportunity to network and connect with new and old friends. There are soo many new restaurants and eateries constantly opening in Nashville, it’s hard to fight the itch to get out and explore. Plus, with soo many people constantly moving to the It City, spring is the perfect time to step outside of one’s comfort zone, network and make new friends. It’s also the perfect time to check out happy hours and events that are constantly happening around the city. It is undeniable; spring allows for an active social calendar …if you choose. 

If you need a little help with your happy hour calendar, check out Nashville Guru’s link on happy hour spots, specials and locations around the city:

Nashville Guru Happy Hours & Specials <http://nashvilleguru.com/best-nashville-happy-hours-and-specials>

I’d love to hear how you personally welcome spring and some personal rituals you associate with this season. If you made it this far, be sure to connect with me on IG: healing.dnichole, and my blog: www.healingdnichole.com. Hey, maybe we’ll run into each other during happy hour. If so, be sure to say hi!

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