The Blessing is for An Appointed Time

The Blessing is for An Appointed Time

Let’s go back to the beginning of my blogging journey.  I created a blog in 2016 centered around my clothing brand.  The blog and the clothing brand was an epic fail, so I shut down the website.  Fast forward to January of this year, I created a second blog, centered around my personal interests, which are fashion and beauty, and I shared short posts pertaining to spirituality.  I received tons of good feedback from the posts on this blog and I had a decent size audience that viewed my blog monthly. Even though I experienced a small amount of success, I wasn’t happy because I was promoting products of other companies.

Ultimately, I had dreams of creating a fashion brand and I wanted to promote my products on the blog. I’m sure you can guess what happened next. If you guessed that I shut down the blog, then you’re correct! However, the site is still up because the one-year subscription isn’t over, but I stopped creating posts for the blog.  As of now, I’m currently creating a blog that will be centered around my new clothing brand and my journey toward becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Up until recently, I wondered why wasn’t I able to create a successful blog on my first attempt.  Over the years, I’ve learned that God is never the hold up when it comes to having our prayers answered. God is able to give us the desires of our heart and answer our prayers within a blink of an eye.  The hold up on receiving the answers to our prayers is always, 100%, us. We prolong God’s ability to answer our prayers. God isn’t going to give us the answers to our prayers if he knows we aren’t ready for it because we’ll squander and misuse the blessing.  So, if we don’t take a step back and ask God to show us the thing that’s holding us back from receiving our blessing, we’ll continue to work toward achieving our goals with no success, instead of overcoming the thing that’s stopping us from receiving the blessing.  This tactic was the cause of me not succeeding on creating a successful blog on my first attempt.

For me, the thing that I was not taking a step back to analyze was my spiritual growth. In 2016, I wasn’t as spiritually mature as I am now.  Due to my spiritual growth, I know that creating a blog and having a business based on fashion isn’t my sole purpose. My ultimate purpose is to also share the behind the scenes of becoming a successful entrepreneur.  My third blog,, didn’t succeed because I had not made it to the full maturity of my spiritual journey yet. I was speaking of God, but I was still growing on my journey so I wasn’t able to deliver the messages God had in mind for me to deliver.  Now, I’ve reached the appointed time to experience God’s full blessing. I know this is God’s appointed time because as I’m preparing to launch my new blog/site, everything is progressing smoothly in comparison to my previous start-up processes.

Questions that I could not find answers to in the past are being answered immediately and as new questions and task arise, I’m able to find immediate answers and accomplish each task with ease. In fact, it was so easy this time that I thought something had to be wrong because I was used to struggling to accomplish my tasks in the past.  I’ve learned that once you align with the will of God, he will respond to your prayers immediately and the blessings will fall into your lap without requiring much work.

In 2016, I had no intentions to share the behind the scenes journey of creating a business. I simply wanted to create a successful business. However, there are so many people that have attempted to achieve a goal and have failed numerous times like me. If you’re one of those individuals, I want to encourage you to keep going. If you’ve tried multiple times and failed, I want you to take a step back and ask God to show you the thing that’s holding you back from receiving his blessing.  I also want to share a 30 minute sermon that will cause you to change your perspective on your current situation and encourage you to keep working toward your goals. Click here to view the video.

Also, click here to subscribe to my email list and stay tuned for the official launch date of my blog and clothing brand.  If you have the desire to become an entrepreneur, have a love for fashion, have the desire to read occasional motivational posts, or simply want to keep up with my journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur then you should subscribe to my email list.

I hope this post inspired you.


Karshella Purifoy

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