5 Travel Tips for Beginners

Hello fellow Blogger Xchange readers!  I’m Komal of KomalMeansDelicate.  I started my blog, almost a year ago in May 2018, as a creative outlet for myself.  I wanted to share my love of travel, fashion and lifestyle topics to an audience in an aesthetic way.  Whilst I’m still trying to figure out the ins and outs of the blogging world, I am quite enjoying myself on this journey.  One thing I want to focus more on in my blog is travel.  I love to travel and love to give tips and tricks for those who are new to travel.  With that being said, I’ve prepared a list of 5 travel tips for a beginner below:

  • Book your flights at the right time
    1. Don’t wait too long or too late to book them.  Prices can go up in a snap of a finger
    2. Best time to book flights is 4-6 weeks in advance of a domestic trip and 3 months in advance of an international trip
  • Plan out every day and every meal
    1. It will make life a lot easier and you won’t spend an hour looking for where to eat for lunch or dinner every day
  • Make sure you have good luggage
    • I invested in an amazing carry-on bag and purse for travel years ago
    • They have gone everywhere with me from roads trips across the country to flights across the pond
    • They are both super sturdy and still standing. 
  • Carry extra money- yes, even extra than you think you might need
    • You’re probably wondering why I’ve listed this on here but most newbie travelers only budget for every day but not the emergency situations
    • Things happen, hotels cannot have your booking, busses or taxis cannot be running so be prepared to cover yourself
  • Lastly, be open minded!
    • If you’re visiting a new country or even state, just remember that this a whole different culture than where you’re from
      • So enjoy how others live their lives and be willing to learn some new things
    • Remember:  California is not the same as Texas just like Brazil is not the same as London.  Enjoy and appreciate the new location you’re in at that moment

Hoping these tips and tricks helped you in starting your traveling journey.  It’s never too late to start exploring the world!

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