2 Book Digital Bundle: Guide & Workbook

2 Book Digital Bundle: Guide & Workbook


About The Purpose Pursuit Guide

Ready to walk in your purpose by following your passions? Let The Purpose Pursuit Guide put you on the right path to success. You’re here hoping to make that side hustle a full-time hustle…and you can! This guide was created for content creators and entrepreneurs looking to make their ideas profitable. If you’re looking to take your brand to the next level, this is the guide for you. There are many barriers beyond finances that hold people back from pursuing their dreams. In The Purpose Pursuit Guide you will tackle your fears and lean into what brings you joy. Fear isn’t our only barrier, time is as well. You will begin being purposeful about how you allocate your time after completing the guide.

About Brand Strategy Workbook

The BX Brand Strategy Workbook will take you from idea generation to executional excellence. This workbook is the follow-up to The Purpose Pursuit Guide. After defining your purpose for starting your brand, you must fully build it out. A fully built out brand includes a clear mission, vision, values, singular brand personality, brand tone & voice and well-defined target audiences. These are the elements that set apart master brands from starter brands. Each of these crucial pieces will be used to guide every brand decision you make. Through this workbook, you will be forging a path for your brand to grow, flourish and continue being profitable. Ideas without excellent execution fall flat. You will gain the tools and knowledge you need to ensure short and long-term success. An investment in this workbook is an investment in your brand and its future.



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