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Hey friends! I am Brianna Kirk, and I run the blog The blog is a Minneapolis-based lifestyle blog where I love to share about fashion, food, travel, motivation, and just in general, my life. I am a strong advocate for pursuing your passions in your current stage of life–which is why I am seventeen years old and a blogger.

When I started my blog 3 years ago, I desired to connect with others and “try out” a new creative outlet. Now, after blogging for awhile, I desire even more to connect and create.

In those three years blogging, not everything was sunshine and rainbows (even though that’s what we want our lives to look like on Instagram, right?). Life happens to every one of us. We lose motivation. We lose a purpose. We become burnt-out.

If you’re stuck in a rut right now, I empathize with you. I hope that this post will at least help you come out of that funk and maybe even reinspire you.

Why Did You Start Your Blog in the First Place?

Remember back to when you started your blog–whether it was long ago or recent. Why did you decide to start your blog?

  • Did you have a love for something that you wanted to share?
  • Was life stressful and you needed an outlet?
  • Were you exploring a creative side to yourself?

Whichever reason why you started a blog is a valid reason. Now write down why you started. List all the reasons. Then, think: what is different in your life from when you started?

If there is a significant change in your life, that is okay. Those changes in your life are not hindrances trying to stop you from achieving things. Changes may make things in life difficult; however, they strengthen you to be better.

The point is: Nothing should hold you back from taking a leap into your passions.

If you are passionate about your blog, then change your mindset about what’s setting you back.

Ways to Find Blog Inspiration:

Maybe you’re burnt out not because something has set you back but because you have no inspiration. In that case, I have many tips for becoming reinspired. Whether you need inspiration in your blog itself or creating posts on that blog, I hope these help. I know that when I found myself uninspired and not able to write a blog post, these are the things I did.

  1. Research (aka Look at What Other Influencers in Your Niche are Doing)

The easiest way to write a hit post is to find a topic that is already trending and put your own twist to it. No way am I condoning stealing another person’s work; however, you should use your “competitors in the market” as research. You can find what will be hot for your specific audience.

If you’re stuck trying to figure out what to post about, search for keywords in your niche. Let’s say you’re a fashion blogger–more specifically a budget-friendly, plus-size fashion blogger relatable to 35-46 year-old women.

Type some keywords into Google, like “gingham dress” (because gingham is currently trending). Read some of the posts that come up. Once you’re on a blog/website you like, see what else is trending on their website. Is there something that you can get inspiration from? What can you find that is already trending and make your own twist to it?

In this example, maybe Vogue wrote a hit article, “Gingham is Your New Best Friend”. You could take inspiration from that post write an article on gingham in relation to your target audience of budget-friendly, plus-size, 35-46 year-old women. A few examples would be, “Gingham Swimsuits for Fashionable Plus-Size Ladies ALL Under $30”; “7 Ways You Can Re-Wear That Old Gingham from the 80’s”; “What is Gingham and Why it Suits ALL Body Types”.

By using this technique, you will definitely find some inspiration to create some new blog content.

  2. Get Lost in Instagram (and Pinterest!)

Our lives get so busy, but when was the last time you allowed yourself to thoughtfully scroll through Instagram or Pinterest for awhile? These visual platforms pump out limitless inspiration. Go get lostpurposefully. Find new people, search through hashtags, comment and connect with others. More likely than not, you’ll find something that will catch your attention that you will want to pursue further.

I hope that these tips help my fellow blogger out by becoming inspired and motivated. It is never fun to feel “stuck” creatively. You just need to find a way to unblock the dam that is stopping your creative river. I truly hope that these tips are able to help you as much as they have helped me through the years.

I have an even more in-depth blog post specifically about finding blog motivation (+6 ways to figure out your next blog post). If you found the tips on this post helpful, then this other post will also be of interest to you.

If you enjoyed these helpful ways to help you get out of a blogging rut, then I would love if you would check me out (and my blog!) further. I would love to connect with you!

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