The Search For Men’s Bloggers X Manny LeGrair

The Search For Men’s Bloggers

The world of blogging, though not formally restricted in any way, seems to be skewed towards women. I am not claiming any form of segregation, sexism, or notions of the like, simply making a personal observation about who is more likely to blog. I am sure that if you took a moment to think about bloggers or even vloggers that you know or follow, the list of male bloggers fails in comparison to our female counterparts. But why is that?

Is it because we consider blogging to be about pumpkin spice lattes, flowers, and countless selfies? Or could it be that men are believed to be less communicative than women? Or is vulnerability not masculine enough to embody in everyday life?

At its purest state, a blog is a regularly updated website that shares articles in a conversational manner on a variety of subject matters. As a result of blogging, one is able to share their expertise and passions, grow their network, and build authority in a particular field. Bloggers own their own corner of the internet and have the potential to create a substantial income. A blogger and creates community and helps others. Blogs can be about anything; from fashion to cars, to home repair, to cooking, to education and EVERYTHING in between. Now… If all of these things are appealing to most any human, I ask again, why don’t men do it more? In order to unpack that question, I’ll share my “why”, speak to what I do, and offer my thoughts on the subject.

I started blogging about two years ago after wanting to start one for YEARS. I took the leap after my post-graduate school jobs didn’t pan out like I thought that they would. I wanted to build something of my own – so I did it. My blog speaks to style and personal development; finding one’s personal style and how to be a better person, from my perspective. When I started, it seemed like a lot of blogs were focused solely on the exterior and I wanted to create a space with a different intent. I knew that there were others like me who would appreciate a bit of both. I wanted to not only my reach that individual but connect with him as well.

As I have grown in blogging, I have discovered a knack for creating a community (if you knew me as a child/teenager, you’d be surprised too). And through blogging, not only have a created community, but I have joined one as well – and it’s been amazing. I have met some of the most interesting people and made some of the most phenomenal connections that I can’t say I would have made had I not been blogging.

I can’t lie and tell you that I have fallen victim to that same mindset. when I tell other guys that I’m a blogger, I usually have a guard up of some sort ready to deflect unwanted comments or looks. I never know what they’ll say or comment they’ll make. But I press forward. And many times, I’m met with a warm response and curiosity.

Can I or we answer the original question? I am not sure that we can. But, I will dare a guy who says they hate blogs or bloggers to consider how they consume information on the internet about products; cars, tech gadgets, fitness, food, etc. I would venture to say that men consume information that they need just like women do. Which means we need our own space as well.

I’ll end by saying this: gentlemen, if you have wanted to start a blog, digital magazine, or online journal of sorts, go for it. We need community, too, and who knows, the one that you create through your blog may be the one community that you or someone else needed.

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