Brand Strategy Workbook: From Idea Generation to Executional Excellence

Brand Strategy Workbook: From Idea Generation to Executional Excellence


Through the workbook, you will also build out your content pillars for your target groups. Walk through exercises of defining your core and secondary audiences. Also, walk through exercises to find and collect data on your audiences to refine and continuously improve your offerings. A logo, brand colors and a website are just the beginning. From there, you will need to fill your site and social channels with meaningful and intentional content at the right time. The BX Brand Strategy Workbook helps you hone in on the right channels to distribute your messages. You want to meet your core audience where they already and are most engaged. Enduring and lasting brands have strategically worked on each of the sections in this workbook. To survive and ever-changing world and customer behaviors, you need to have a solid foundation and clear plan.

In this workbook, you will receive detailed exercises that world known brands leverage. The Blogger Xchange Co-Founder, Leigh Love, has put her 10 years of blogging and working on brands such a Cheerios, Nature Valley and Mars-Wrigley into this workbook for you. Each of those brands have clear missions that guide everything they do. They also values that align with their core audience. Brand values are what emotionally ties your brand to customers. An emotional connection creates loyalty and repeat customers.  By purchasing the BX Brand Strategy Workbook, you will become the brand owner you want to be. This workbook was created for content creators, bloggers and entrepreneurs that want their brand to standout and be profitable. If you’re struggling to grow your social following, gain readers, clients and customers, this workbook is for you. Ready to take your brand to the next level?



The BX Brand Strategy Workbook will take you from idea generation to executional excellence. This workbook is the follow-up to The Purpose Pursuit Guide. After defining your purpose for starting your brand, you must fully build it out. A fully built out brand includes a clear mission, vision, values, singular brand personality, brand tone & voice and well-defined target audiences. These are the elements that set apart master brands from starter brands. Each of these crucial pieces will be used to guide every brand decision you make. Through this workbook, you will be forging a path for your brand to grow, flourish and continue being profitable. Ideas without excellent execution fall flat. You will gain the tools and knowledge you need to ensure short and long-term success. An investment in this workbook is an investment in your brand and its future.


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