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Hi gorgeous! My name is Hannah Kerr. I am a Nashville Native now living in South Carolina! My blogging career kicked off two years ago in college, formerly known as Kerrageously Made. My blog was a creative and healthy outlet for me while recovering from an eating disorder. My passion grew as I found myself working with collegiate women seeking advice from social media influencers, photographers and other bloggers with similar missions to inspire people. Ultimately, influence is everywhere. Whether you are behind a screen, traveling, sitting at home, or going on a walk with a friend, we are always influencing. Why not make a difference with blogging?

As life transitioned, I transformed my holistic blog into a lifestyle, now known as just Hannah Kerr- my imperfect place for motivation. I am not perfect, but all I know for sure is that we are destined for greatness and by radiating joy, light and life in this world, we can do absolutely anything! I want to use social media for good by expanding my horizons to more than just a social media post a day. Blogging can lead to so many paths and today I’m going to share mine.

Blogging lead me down the path of public speaking to women, creating workshops, and forming online groups. Social media is growing daily and connecting to a group of women online has helped my journey tremendously. The Little Pink Book was a group of 60 women that I brought together online that met weekly to exchange ideas, hear local business owners share stories, and to serve as a networking playground! Stepping out of my comfort zone was the biggest piece of the puzzle that I grasped onto quickly when I decided to use the blogging path to reach out. Want to known more? Visit my website for more information!

Behind the Insta Feed was a workshop I facilitated to explain how blogging behind the scenes is a full time job that takes time, energy, heart, and drive. I want to encourage you to find your special routine and creative ways that make your blogs yours. By sharing some of my favorite tactics, I was able to exchange information and learn the art of collaboration, a blog’s best friend.

Have you collaborated with a friend, business, or brand? Reaching out is the hardest part, but go for it! I try to accept any opportunity as a learning curve for the next path blogging could take me on…

Through the Blogger Xchange, I’ve learned how Nashville is a great home from which different blogging paths can stem. I’ve met fashion bloggers, authors, counselors, lawyers, moms, and more use blogging as their own way speak out, connect, collab, and share. Join me as we leave our own mark on this world, one coffee ring or sparkle at a time.

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